The Great Disappointment of October 22, 1844

Most of you are probably not acquainted with this date, but those, like me, who grew up in one of the various Adventist groups that grew out of the Millerite movement (1830s and 1840s) remember it well. William Miller, and various other interpreters in that movement determined that Jesus would return in glory on October 22, 1844. They’d had some timing problems up until then, but at that point they were certain.

As we look back from 2015, we know they were wrong.

I’m fairly delighted to work with people who have been, are, and will be wrong. As long as they are willing to change their minds as they go, that is. Being wrong is not the worst possible thing. Being uncorrectable, on the other hand, may well be.

So tomorrow and during the following week, I will be posting some material from Seventh-day Adventist authors talking about prophecy, eschatology, and how we interpret scripture. These will be added to the resource pages we are developing on the Energion Discussion Network site. Just look for the Resources menu item at the top and you’ll find them.

Since the Resources section is under development, however, I will post links here.

Here’s my introductory post: Adventists, Other Christians, and The Great Disappointment.

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