Yes your coupon will work


yes_banner2We’ve been getting some questions about our Advent 2014 (code: advent) coupon. The title gives the answers.

  • Will my coupon work with other offers and sale items?  Yes!
  • Will I still get free shipping within the U. S.? Yes!
  • Can I use the quantity discount and then use the ‘advent’ coupon as well? Yes!

Note: The Advent 2014 coupon is for orders over $25. We believe in letting you know of any restrictions in bold text.

For example, later this morning the book Philosophy for Believers will go on sale at 20% off. That will mean that the book is available for $11.99. But with the Advent 2014 coupon (code: advent), you’ll get another 20% off of the sale price if your order totals $25 or more, for a total of $9.59 for that book. We have another 90+ books in our catalog to help you fill out the order to $25 (before discount). And you’ll still get free shipping!

We pray that you have an Advent season filled with hope and expectation.

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