I’ve had the pleasure of phone calls and emails from several authors and some others asking how we’re doing and what the virus means to our company. It is such a privilege to be not just business associates but also friends with so many.

As of right now, our publishing and shipping are continuing without serious interruption. We still have some of the IT support services that were so essential to allowing us to live through the first few years. I was quite busy for a couple of weeks helping IT clients to prepare to have employees work from home.

The publishing part of the business is already virtual. There is no office for people to work at. We meet virtually on a regular basis. None of that will change. Shipping can be disrupted, but so far, this hasn’t impacted us.

We intend to do whatever we can to support local businesses, and encourage you to do the same. If you are buying ebooks, consider one of the independent stores. I posted some information on buying ebooks in a way that benefits these smaller businesses. For print, you can order books from a local bookstore that does special orders. Consider the extra effort to help these smaller businesses.

Thanks for being a community!

Henry Neufeld

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