Energion Publications and Discrimination

200bannerRecent news stories regarding the InterVarsity Fellowship’s paper about the theology of human sexuality make me feel that I should make a brief statement. There is always the possibility that the position of a company known as a Christian publisher might be misunderstood. I’m making this on the company blog rather than my personal blog because, though it is my personal position, it is a personal position that drives the way I conduct the business of my company.

  1. Energion Publications has a short doctrinal statement, but this statement defines our audience, not our staff, contractors, or authors. It sets some parameters on our publishing and marketing goals. Nobody is expected to sign this statement to work with or for us. We do not discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation, much less one’s views of it.
    As I noted Tuesday night in my presentation on curriculum, nobody here at Energion is a final arbiter of truth. We have our boundaries of what we publish for business reasons and to fulfill the company’s mission, but we don’t define those outside the boundaries as bad. We choose contractors and authors based on their ability to do the work needed and do not discriminate on any other basis. Period.
  2. We also vigorously affirm the right of Christian ministries, such as InterVarsity Press, to conduct their business as their conscience directs. They see this issue differently, and the same firm belief in freedom of conscience that leads us to our non-discrimination policy leads us to allow their freedom of conscience as a ministry. This is not a comment on their wisdom, simply their freedom of conscience.
  3. We consider the first two paragraphs of this statement to both derive from one commitment to trusting that each person can and should be led by the Holy Spirit. We will continue to pray for God’s blessing on God’s church and all ministries which operate in God’s name.

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