Support Independent Bookstores

As a small business owner, I like to call attention to ways in which you can purchase Energion titles from independent retailers. There’s now a way that you can purchase ebooks while supporting independent stores as well. It’s called MyMustReads.com. You can go to that site for information.

Independent bookstores can make ebooks available to their customers through a storefront hosted by hummingbirddm.com. The independent bookstore makes a percentage off of these book sales. They can also select the titles they want to offer.

There’s a list of merchants that are using this platform here. You might want to check and see if your favorite Indie bookstore offers ebooks and audiobooks through this platform. This applies to books from a broad range of publishers, of course. Now if you prefer electronic media to a real ☺book, you can still support your local bookstore.

For example, I found Ernest and Hadley Booksellers on that list, located in Tuscaloosa, AL. They sell rare and used books, but also have ebooks available (and yes, Energion titles) through this service. (Note: To go directly to their ebook page, use this link.)

Featured image by ClarissaBell from Pixabay

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