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If you look at the posts up to now on this blog, you’ll see almost all material related to Energion Publications books, their content, and their use, along with a bit about the company in general.  The focus has been on the print publications, and obviously in selling them to you.

But as our mission statement says, we do both web and print publications, in particular our owner and author blogs (Threads from Henry’s Web, Jody Along the Path, Participatory Bible Study, Consider Christianity, and so forth), along with our Energion.com WebZine, a tragically neglected enterprise.

Over the next few months that is going to change as each of the elements that have come to make up Energion Publications are brought into the mission statement and made to carry out their purpose in accomplishing that mission.

Right now I simply want to list the web sites that are involved in this process, other than the blogs which you can find by looking for the list of author blogs in our right sidebar.

Print Publications Home Page:  Energion Publications.

Energion.com WebZine

Participatory Study Series Tracts – Christian tracts available for you to print free of charge

Some of the things you can expect to see here over the next few weeks and months include:

  1. Announcements of reviews or notes on new Christian books from other publishers.  These will be published on the Energion.com Book site.
  2. Links to new articles from a variety of blogs and news sources that interest our target audience
  3. Announcements of changes on any of our various web sites

Finally, if you have a blog or other source of information on the internet, and are willing to have links and summaries posted on any of our various sites, please contact Henry Neufeld via e-mail with the relevant information.

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