The New

For quite some time I have had a subtitle on the web site:  WebZine of Moderate Christian Religion.  Unfortunately, since I first bought that domain, it has been more or a central place to find things written by Henry Neufeld.

I’m in the process of changing that.  The first step is to change the main section of the home page to no longer show the latest from Threads from Henry’s Web, and instead to show the latest from a group of blogs.  Right now these only include my wife’s two, Jody’s Devotionals, and Jody Along the Path, and two by Energion Publications author Elgin Hushbeck, Jr., Politics and Religion and Consider Christianity.

Already this combination illustrates one of my beliefs about the nature of an active moderation, a variety of viewpoints around a center point, rather than some kind of slavish centrism above all.  The particular posts are selected by hand, so this will provide a good place to find excellent content from these various blogs.

Over the next few months we will continue to add bloggers and other writers.  Some we’re working on now, others we hope to find.  If you are a blogger or other writer and think you would fit into the concept, please e-mail me and let’s discuss it.

One other new thing is coming soon to the Energion family–a new site called Bible Study Paths.  I will post the URL and some information here soon.  Watch for it!

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