Review of _Christianity and Secularism_

There is a review of Elgin Husbheck’s book Christianity and Secularism on the Mild-Mannered Musings blog.  While this review does take considerable exception to a number of things in the book, on the positive side he notes:

On the whole, I must give this book a negative review. I would be remiss, however, if I didn’t note that Hushbeck’s style is very approachable and conversational, that he could have been a lot more radically wrong than he actually was, that there are some very interesting anecdotes related in the book (eg. 48-9), that there are occasional glimmers of hope (as when he says there is no such thing as a Christian nation; 181), and that the book is really a breeze to read. Pick up Christianity and Secularism if you’re looking for an intelligent conservative Christian manifesto against the anti-Christian forces thought to be pervasively at work in our society.

Things could be much worse than that!

We appreciate this review as we do all reviews. Remember, bloggers, we will send free copies of books to you if you will review them on your blog.

PS:  Watch for an annoucement of Elgin Hushbeck’s new book Preserving Democracy very soon.

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