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Free ARCs of Preserving Democracy Available

February 24, 2009


Gonzalez, Florida

Advance Reader Copies of Preserving Democracy Available

Energion Publications is pleased to announce that Advance Reader Copies (ARCs) of Preserving Democracy are now available free of charge to qualified individuals.

Preserving Democracy is a new book from Elgin Hushbeck, Jr., author of Christianity and Secularism that discusses trends in our society which are eroding our system of democratic government. It will be released April 15, 2009 in hardcover, audio (MP3 and CD), and for Amazon.com Kindle. (Advance Reader Copies are paperback.)

Book reviewers, bloggers, twitterers, and any persons of political influence who are willing to read and talk about this book are eligible to receive a free copy of the ARC. Simply send us your name, address, and information outlet, and we will send you a copy.*

236 pages, Hardcover, $29.99 (with color dust jacket).

For more information on Energion Publications, reviewers, book stores, authors, and the general public may contact us at (850) 525-3916, by e-mail at pubs@energion.com, or by mail at P. O. Box 841, Gonzalez, FL, 32560.

We have a generous program of review and advance reader copies of any of our books for interested individuals with established publications or blogs.

*We reserve final judgment on who is eligible to receive free books.

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