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Press Release: Announcing THE JESUS PARADIGM

March 30, 2009


Gonzalez, Florida

New Book, The Jesus Paradigm Challenges Comfortable Christianity

Dr. David Alan Black, author of more than 20 books, has contracted with Energion Publications to publish his latest, The Jesus Paradigm, which challenges modern Christians to become completely sold-out followers of Jesus, to make ministry and mission the work of every believer, and to give their primary allegiance to the kingdom of God rather than to any nation, political party, or movement.

At a time when Christianity is often identified with nationalism, a political party, a particular denomination, or even an isolated small group, Dave Black looks to the Anabaptists and their call, not for reform, renewal, or revival in the church, but for rebuilding. He echoes that call to Christians today. From church structure to national government, from the personal economic responsibility in the marketplace to parental responsibility in raising children, from torture and militarism by our government to hierarchical authority in our churches, he calls for Christians to look for their answers in the person and message of Jesus, revealed in Scripture.

“The author told me that nobody will really be happy with this book,” said Henry Neufeld, owner of Energion Publications. “I’ve read it, and I agree. In fact, I expect it to offend some people. That may sound like an odd thing for a publisher to say about a forthcoming book. But sometimes offense is needed when we have gotten so far off track. What I do expect is that readers will find it challenging, informative, and above all convicting. I did. You may be annoyed, but you won’t be bored.”

The Jesus Paradigm will be released July 20, 2009. Advance copies will be available for reviewers starting May 13, 2009.


David Alan Black holds a doctorate in theology from the University of Basel in Switzerland and has taught New Testament and Greek for over 30 years. He is also the editor of the popular website, Dave Black Online. His published books include The Myth of Adolescence, Interpreting the New Testament, It’s Still Greek to Me, and Why Four Gospels? He and his wife live on a 123-acre working farm in southern Virginia and are self-supporting missionaries to Ethiopia, which they visit twice each year.

About Energion Publications:

Energion Publications is located in Gonzalez, FL near Pensacola. The Jesus Paradigm will be the 22nd entry in their growing and diverse catalog.

Advance copies will be available to reviewers and to selected bloggers and opinion leaders. If you are interested in an advance copy, please contact Jody Neufeld, pubs@energion.com.

For more information:

E-Mail: pubs@energion.com

Phone: 850-525-3916

Mail: P. O. Box 841, Gonzalez, FL 32560

To contact Dave Black about speaking to your church or other group, call 919-761-2455 or e-mail dblack@sebts.edu.

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