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New Addition to the Participatory Study Guide Series from Energion Publications

May 8, 2009

Gonzalez, FL


New Addition to the Participatory Study Guide Series from Energion Publications

The Gospel According to St. Luke: A Participatory Study Guide is the newest installment to the successful Participatory Study Guide Series from Energion Publications. The St. Luke study guide is scheduled for release on May 20, 2009 as a softcover and for Amazon.com Kindle.

Written by Geoffrey D. Lentz, associate pastor at First United Methodist Church, Pensacola, FL, this study guide gives the seeker historical insight and a fresh look into the Jesus Christ that Luke sought and recorded. Rev. Lentz brings his love of Church history and great thought-provoking questions into a user friendly layout that promotes lively discussions and deep-rooted growth in a group study.

The Participatory Study Series is the Energion Publications line for use in church education and discipleship. These books are designed to involve the church laity along with the clergy in Bible study, discussion and spiritual growth. We can increase our understanding of how God reveals his will to us and through prayer, meditation, sharing, and especially listening.

84 pages, soft cover, $8.99

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