The Jesus Paradigm For Pre-Order on Amazon.com

The Jesus Paradigm is now available on Amazon.com. You can see the current price in the box to the left, but as I write this, the page is showing $12.23.

We encourage people who are buying individual copies to buy from one of the retailers who is carrying the book, or to order it via your local book store when it is released. If you are buying in quantity, for a non-profit organization, or for a book store (irrespective of quantity), please see our discounts prior to purchase.

While retail sites are listing a variety of release dates, we still plan to have copies in hand during the last week of July so as to begin shipping direct orders at that time.

What about covers? You will see some sites showing the advance copy cover and some sites showing no cover at all. In a couple of weeks we will put the new cover for the release copies on all the web sites. Watch for it! It will still be centered around the original work of art by Gregory Eanes, the Crucifixion, with design work by Jason Neufeld and Jeb Hunt (No, no wedding photos are involved in the cover, though Jeb is good at those!)

Jason is the designer of the dust jacket for Preserving Democracy and covers for Disciples: Jesus With Us, Grief: Finding the Candle of Light, and others. Jeb designed the covers for Holy Smoke! Unholy Fire!, Identifying Your Gifts and Service: Small Group Edition, and The Gospel According to St. Luke: A Participatory Study Guide. [Each link is to a large image of the front cover of each book.]

I am privileged to have two such fine young men doing design work for me!

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