The Jesus Paradigm Release Date – A Reminder to Reviewers

We are expecting an on-time release of The Jesus Paradigm by David Alan Black.  This means that copies will become available around July 20, 2009.  Retailers are generally showing later dates, but I expect that they will be pleasantly surprised.  Electronic editions will become available around the same time, including Kindle*, Mobipocket*, and Adobe Digital Editions*.

Quite a number of bloggers have reviewed this book already, but quite a number of folks have copies and have not yet published a review.  To be a part of the pre-release discussion, you’ll need to post a review soon.  One of the great advantage of blogs is that they respond in a timely fashion to news trends.  The blog discussion moves quickly.

So please jump on board and get those reviews written.  Remember that we will link to your review both from this blog and from our Jesus Paradigm web site.


*Kindle is a trademark of Amazon.com; Mobipocket is a trademark of Mobipocket.com; Adobe Digital Editions is a trademark of Adobe Systems Incorporated

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