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Announcing Areopagus Critical Christian Issues Series

Energion Publications is pleased to announce the upcoming release of Christian Archy, the first booklet in the new Areopagus Critical Christian Issues Series. This series of booklets is designed to address critical and controversial issues in Christianity and will be jointly edited by Dr. David Alan Black and Dr. Allan R. Bevere. For more information on the series, see http://energionpubs.com/areopagus.php.

Christian Archy, authored by Dr. Black, addresses the meaning of the kingdom of God and the demands of God’s sovereignty on Christian practice, both as part of the church community and in their relationship to the surrounding culture and to government authorities. He thoroughly examines the New Testament for all aspects of the kingdom, including those that make us uncomfortable.

About the Editors:

David Alan Black holds a doctorate in theology from the University of Basel in Switzerland and has taught New Testament and Greek for over 30 years. Currently he is professor of Greek and New Testament at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary.  He is also the editor of the popular website, Dave Black Online. He has published over 20 books, including The Jesus Paradigm, The Myth of Adolescence, Interpreting the New Testament, It’s Still Greek to Me, and Why Four Gospels? He and his wife live on a 123-acre working farm in southern Virginia and are self-supporting missionaries to Ethiopia, which they visit twice each year.

Allan R. Bevere is the pastor of First United Methodist Church in Cambridge, Ohio and a Professional Fellow in Theology at Ashland Theological Seminary in Ashland, Ohio. He received his Ph.D from the University of Durham, U.K. He has written two books, Sharing in the Inheritance: Identity and the Moral Life in Colossians and All Is Not as It Seems: Random Reflections on Faith, Ethics, and Politics, and is currently working on several more. He has published sermons and has contributed articles to a Bible Dictionary. Bevere engages in a teaching mission in Cuba with the Methodist Church. He is married and has four children. He blogs at Allan R. Bevere.

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