Free Books for Promotional Use

In our continuing effort to connect more broadly with the blogosphere, social media, and other means of popular discussion, Energion Publications now offers free copies of books for promotional use.

About the Energion Publications Premium Copy Program

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When valuable way to publicize an event or even your blog is to have a giveaway. If you would like one or more of our books to give away as premiums, we may be able to accommodate you. Requests for premium copies are given on a case by case basis, but do not assume that because you write a small blog or have a new talk show that we will not be interested in working with you.

We evaluate requests based on the following, amongst other criteria:

  1. The appropriateness of your content for our publications. If you run a sports blog, we are unlikely to provide you with our religious books as a premium. You should thank us for pointing you elsewhere. (We also will not provide books to sites that promote hatred or have pornographic content.)
  2. The quality of your plan to give out the book. Contests on related topics are a particularly good option, or you might give a book away in connection with your own review or with an interview with the author. An essay contest on discipleship, for example, might have one of our discipleship oriented books (The Jesus Paradigm, Disciples: Jesus With Us, or I Want to Pray as a prize.
  3. The quality of your existing content.
  4. Your readership. This is the last consideration, and we will make every effort to accommodate smaller blogs and shows, but where there is doubt readership may tip the scales.

We reserve final judgment on any decision to provide books for premiums. Please outline your plan. If possible, we will help to publicize your event at which you use the premium we provide.

Energion Publications authors are generally available for interviews, whether these are for radio/TV or for publication on a blog.

We are offering this program because experience has demonstrated that our books are their own best advertisement.  People who read them very often recommend them to others.  In addition, we think they provide an excellent addition to discussions of various issues.

This program applies to any of our released books.  You can make a prepublication request, but books can be provided only after release.

To request either a review or a promotional copy, fill out the form at

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