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Megabelt will be First Fiction Title for Energion Publications


Energion Publications is pleased to announce the upcoming release of Megabelt, a humorous and, at times, irreverent look at growing up in the church culture of the Bible belt. The book will be the first fiction title for Energion Publications, and will be released November 1, 2009.

Megabelt was written by university student and first time author Nick May, who grew up in the Bible belt and writes from personal experience. Nick doesn’t only observe the obvious; he sees what’s going on behind the scenes.

Megabelt is a fictional account of the South and its preoccupations with modern Christianity told from the point of view of a boy named Gil growing up in what is otherwise known as the “Bible Belt.”

The readers will find themselves steeped in the world of Gil whose experiences and questions lead him to unravel some of the Bible Belt’s many dominant and passively adopted messages as well as its numerous types of characters.

Gil is the quintessential mind of most inhabitants of the Belt. He is you. He is I. While his experiences greatly reflect those of the author, his encounters will never go unidentified with by the reader.

Megabelt is a fabricated entity describing the world that exists between traditional Bible Belt culture and contemporary Bible Belt culture, the term explores the differences between as well as the ever-growing and ever-changing dynamics of the two.

Megabelt has no message, no moral proclamation or agenda. Its purpose is to highlight the truths of the Bible Belt culture and therefore perform a complete overhaul of its patrons’ thoughts and lifestyles for better or for worse. Any further sort of significance or meaning drawn from its pages is strictly subjective. Megabelt may, in fact, have 1,000 morals, each to be found only by the attentive reader.

“I expect some controversy about this book,” said Henry Neufeld, owner of Energion Publications. “Some people believe that a Christian publisher should only publish books with a moral. I prefer to publish books that make people think and ask themselves questions to find their own morals. Besides, I laughed hysterically when beginning the work of editing the book, and that has to be a big plus!”

Megabelt will be approximately 110 pages, illustrated, with a suggested retail price of $12.99.

About the Author:

Born in Pensacola, FL, Nick May is rooted in the culture about which he writes. The youngest of three sons, he grew up in a home filled with love, laughter, and open dialogue as his parents gave many hours in youth ministry during Nick’s growing years.

Nick is currently finishing his degree work in English and Creative Writing at the University of West Florida. He plays bass in an indie-rock band, LilyWhite and attends a local non-denominational church. Nick enjoys music, books, games, creeks, and even an occasional author-like pipe.

Megabelt is Nick May’s first published book.

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