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Jesus Paradigm Giveaway

Josh Mann has reviewed The Jesus Paradigm and is sponsoring a giveaway on his blog, for the Sake of Truth.  Be sure to check out his review, summary, and instructions on how to enter the giveaway.

I want to write  quick note on why I provide books to bloggers and others to give away in contests such as this.  I have found over several years that the best ad for a book is a copy of the book.  Obviously I don’t want to give out all the books, otherwise I would have nothing to sell.  But I don’t seem to have that problem.  Each book I give away seems to generate more sales.

There is a second reason, however, and that is that I publish books to generate discussion, growth, and action in the Christian community.  A good discussion can be very helpful as people look at how to put what they read into action.  One set of discussions that have arisen from The Jesus Paradigm, for example, is about ecclesiology.  This centers around two questions.  First, can one apply the principles of the Jesus paradigm in different basic forms of church government?  Second, how does one proceed from different starting points?

These are both good questions and deserve discussion.  I hope that posts such as Josh’s review and summary will help generate such discussion and will go far beyond the boundaries of a book.

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