Inspiration and the Holy Spirit Christmas Package

Are you looking for the perfect gift for the Bible student in your life?

At Energion Publications we’ve put together a special package for those who are interested in inspiration and the Holy Spirit. These four books have a suggested retail of $61.96, but on this special offer, we’re making them available as a set for $42.13. Not only that, but by ordering them as a package you will only be charged shipping and handling for a single book!

This package includes Who’s Afraid of the Old Testament God?, which looks at how God works with people where they are through his actions and through his words. In addition, Henry Neufeld’s book When People Speak for God examines the doctrines of inspiration and of the gift of prophecy, seeking the common thread. Neufeld rejects Biblical inerrancy as the best model for understanding inspiration, and instead asks us to think of a two-way conversation with God. Taking a more conservative view, Evidence for the Bible examines and rejects many of the objections to the reliability of the Bible. Elgin Hushbeck concludes that we can trust our Bibles. Last, but not least, Dr. Bob McKibben looks as the present work of the Holy Spirit in the church in Holy Smoke! Unholy Fire!. How can you nurture the presence of the Holy Spirit in your congregation, while rejecting what is false and dangerous?

This special price is available only when purchasing direct from Energion Publications.

For more information or to order this package, see Inspiration and the Holy Spirit Package.

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