Last Call: Finding God in Suffering

9781631991073Finding God in Suffering: A Journey with Job, by Dr. Bruce Epperly, is in the final stage of processing before it goes to the printer. That means there is probably about a week left of pre-order pricing, just $6.99 or 30% off the $9.99 cover price.

Extracting portions of endorsements for the back cover is always an interesting task, but here’s a look. The full endorsements will appear inside the book before the title page.

Finding God in Suffering is a wise, honest, and liberating approach to one of the most difficult questions we face.

Patricia Adams Farmer
Author of Embracing a Beautiful God

This slender book should prove to be a blessing to all who are searching for a God whose love is steadfast and liberating.

Robert Cornwall
Pastor, Central Woodward Christian Church

I have a love/hate relationship with Job. If I’m reading an insightful exposition, one which highlights the deep, poetic messages of the book, I love Job. If I’m reading a dry commentary drawing traditional conclusions, I want to chuck Job in the round file. Today I love Job again.

Lee Harmon, The Dubious Disciple
Author of The River of Life: Where Liberal and Conservative Christianity Meet

Epperly leaves you with a God bigger than failed theological boxes and held by a Web of Love inviting you to prayerful practices on your own and together.

Kent Ira Groff, Denver, Colorado
Retreat leader, spiritual guide and author of Honest to God Prayer and Clergy Table Talk

Written in touch with deep human experience, in pastoral theological tone, and with clarity, this book is an excellent resource for individual reading and for group discussion. As a preacher, I have to note that it has many passages that will make their way into sermons in the coming years.

Ronald J. Allen
Professor of Preaching and Gospels and Letters,
Christian Theological Seminary

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