Week of Prayer for Christian Unity - 2014
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Week of Prayer for Christian Unity

Week of Prayer for Christian Unity - 2014… begins today and runs through January 25. No matter what our other disagreements, surely we can at least pray for unity in the body of Christ.

In commemoration of this week, not only will we be praying here at Energion Publications, we will also offer some of our books that we think are particularly helpful for people who are trying to look beyond their denominational boundaries at 30% off. You can find the list of books at Energion Direct.

We should emphasize that we try to publish books that promote Christian unity while also being challenging. This is a  challenging task, no doubt. We don’t mean to suggest this list of books are the only ones relevant to Christian unity, but we draw the line at putting the entire catalog on sale for the week!

Our featured article this week is by pastor, educator, and author Dr. Robert LaRochelle, titled simply, Please Find a Way to Promote Christian Unity.

Let’s do that!

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