A Personal Connection to Haiti Ministry

Wyatts going to minister in Haiti
Wyatts Departing to Serve in Haiti - Photo courtesy of Harvey Brown

I have known Dr. Harvey Brown for a number of years, heard him speak many times, and worked with him in ministry on a few occasions.  He is the head of Impact Ministries located in Pigeon Forge, TN.  I normally associate Harvey with teaching and preaching ministry, but his organization has become involved in direct action in Haiti through Mike and Karen Wyatt, members of his board of directors.

Mike is a retired Army Medical Service Corps officer who once helped lead a MASH unit during the first gulf war.  (Do you know how odd it feels for veterans of that war, such as myself, to call it the “first” gulf war?)  As such he is unusually well qualified to work under current conditions in Haiti.  He and his wife Karen, a chaplain, traveled to the Dominican Republic and then drove into Haiti.  They are now working in Port-au-Prince.

For more detailed information on their work and background, let me direct you an editorial from The Mountain Press, Editorial: Doing their part — Wyatts feel led to travel to Haiti to assist in relief efforts and to an earlier news article, Helping in Haiti: Sevier County couple aiding quake victims.

But to get a feel for what’s going on, look at one of Mike’s updates via iPhone.  He has to be very careful of his battery because it is hard to recharge due to irregular power supply.  I received this by e-mail from Harvey, and I think it gives the flavor wonderfully:

”One of the team members became dehydrated today and had to be treated. Still have great need for med supplies. Karen prayed over injured baby has she Rocked her and sang to her. Team saw mother and new born. Some one was needing a midwife. Nurses tried for 20 min to start an IV on infant – I was taking pictures- could not see to take pictures for tears in my eyes. Haitian are very greatful. They wait fir hours in the sun to be seen. We are starting to see old infected wounds. Cast legs and armes if suspect fracture. Lots of surgery needed but no one or facilties to do it. We are trying to make contact with us forces for medevcac to hosptial ship. Good place for forward surgicial team and a MASH unit. Phone batt dying agAin can’t charge we keep losing power. We are next to the airfield- notice not as much traffic tonight.”

I encourage you to support any local people that you know who are engaged in service projects.  If you would like to support the Wyatts, send checks, with the word “Haiti” in the check memo line, to Impact Ministries, P.O. Box 39, Pigeon Forge 37868.

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