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Press Release: Energion Author Elgin Hushbeck, Jr. Becomes Chairperson of the World Prayr, Inc. Board

November 5, 2018


Gonzalez, Florida

Energion Author Elgin Hushbeck, Jr. Chosen as Board Chairperson of World Prayr, Inc.


Elgin Hushbeck, Jr., author of eight Energion titles and sponsor of Consider Christianity Week, has been chosen as the new chairperson of the World Prayr, Inc. board of directors. Elgin will work with the existing board of directors and ministry President Pat Badstibner to lead this important ministry into the future.


Energion Publications is connected to World Prayr, Inc. in a number of ways including as publisher of the World Prayr’s book Walking in God’s Grace, through distribution of Energion titles to various pastors and missionaries overseas, and through the involvement of Energion owner Henry Neufeld as World Prayr’s chief strategist.

Energion Publications is in the business of building relationships through publications and welcomes this new connection between one of its authors and two ministries which we have supported. “We look forward to growth in our ministry as well as Consider Christianity Week and World Prayr’s various ministries connecting a broken world, and to working with World Prayr president Pat Badstibner to build up the literature based ministry of World Prayr,” said Energion owner Henry Neufeld.

Ministry president Pat Badstibner welcomed Elgin to the board: “Elgin is indeed what this ministry needs at this time and in this season. He has already taken steps and done things that have caught me off guard, as they were seldom done before by former board members. Elgin will allow the board to stand independently of the operational side of the ministry. This is how it should be.”

Elgin has moved quickly to become involved in all the ministries of World Prayr and to work on building up its board of directors. “I am very pleased and honored to be joining World Prayr as the chairman of the board.  World Prayr is a dynamic and growing worldwide ministry seeking to build up and strengthen the body of Christ as it seeks to spread the Gospel message.  In my short time with this ministry I have been impressed with the heart, dedication and love of the pastors around the world seeking to server God and their communities.  I am proud to be joining the team that is World Prayr.”

Elgin Hushbeck is author of Energion titles Evidence for the Bible, Christianity and Secularism, and Christianity: The Basics, amongst others. He has been an Energion author since 2005.


You can find more information about World Prayr, Inc. at http://worldprayr.org

You can find more information about Consider Christianity Week at http://consider.org

A biography of Elgin Hushbeck, Jr. is available on his author page at https://energiondirect.com/elgin-hushbeck-jr

For more information on Energion Publications, contact us at (850) 525-3916, by e-mail at pubs@energion.com, or by mail at P. O. Box 841, Gonzalez, FL, 32560.

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