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Surviving a Son’s Suicide Heads to the Printer

SSS CoverI’ve just sent the files for Surviving a Son’s Suicide to the printer. This means that you have about a week to take advantage of the 30% of pre-order price of $6.99. So get your orders for this book in now and we’ll be starting to ship in about a week. Once the first book ships, the pre-order discount ends.

I want to add a personal note. This book was a challenge for Jody and I to edit. Jody, who has written her own book on grief, did the primary work, for which I cannot thank her enough. Having lost a son ourselves, we empathize deeply with Ron and Pat Higdon in their experience.

We have found that nothing is more valuable than honestly sharing. It is difficult to do, and my imagination fails me in thinking about the courage and commitment it must have required to produce this small, practical book. But this is how we can help one another survive these incredibly difficult experiences.

Ron doesn’t present pat answers or cliches. He talks simply about the experience and about what helped and what didn’t. There is abundant information here for people who are trying to be helpful to someone in their time of grief.

So while this is a tough subject, I’m delighted to be able to offer this resource.

Henry Neufeld, Editor

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