Webinar: Finding Your Ecumenical Center

event_bannerWe’re working toward having a program on Google Hangouts on Air every Tuesday night at 7 pm central time. This past Tuesday, I had a discussion with author Nick May, who is about to release a new book under our Eucatastrophe Press imprint. Here’s the video:

This coming Tuesday, October 21, 2014, at 7 pm central time, Energion author Bob LaRochelle will offer a webinar titled Finding Your Ecumenical Center. This webinar is completely free and will last about 1 hour. Due to the format we can be flexible. The audience can participate via the Q&A facility of Google Hangouts.

You do not need to register, but plan to be available at the start, as there will be very little introductory material. We’ll be getting right into the content.

Crossing the Street coverBob LaRochelle was raised Roman Catholic and became an ordained deacon in the Catholic church. He is now a United Church of Christ minister. He believes that we can be firm in our convictions while finding the things we hold in common and working together.

He wrote about his experiences in changing denominations in his book Crossing the Street, and is also the author of What Roman Catholics Need to Know about Protestants and What Protestants Need to Know about Roman Catholics.

You can participate in this seminar either here (the YouTube below will become live when the seminar starts) or by going to our YouTube channel.

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