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Energion Publications: 13 Years, 84 Authors, 193 Books!

A birthday. A time to celebrate. A time to reflect on past years and subsequent growth and accomplishments. Energion Publications began in August 2004. The first edition of Dr. Alden Thompson’s book, Who’s Afraid of the Old Testament God? was the first book in our catalog.

In the last 13 years, we have prayerfully tried to stay true to our desire (our mission) to educate Christian laity and clergy, energize the Church to commitment and action, and empower all disciples to be effective witnesses for Jesus Christ. Our target audience has always been the broad center of Christianity, those willing to work together even while they may not agree on non-essentials. Our audience want to dialogue with each other, learn from one another’s sound teaching and knowledge. The Church is not a group of professional ministers, but God’s children who are all called by Him to be ministers.

Take some time today to browse our catalog. Read over the book descriptions and our author pages. We have authors and books written about many subjects. We even have novels and poetry! We have just published our first children’s book, Salvation by Tamika Champion-Hampton for ages 2-8 years. Her second book will be released in November 2017.

Check our the Topical Line Drive Series or the Participatory Study Guide Series. If you are a member of the Academy of Parish Clergy, check out the Conversations in Ministry or Guides to Practical Ministry Series. Is there someone in your family who doesn’t believe in God? Then the Consider Christianity Series may help you and them.

You will find someone to encourage you and teach you on a variety of subjects. Their book + your Bible = spiritual growth!

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