Free Copies of The Jesus Paradigm

The Jesus Paradigm… and you aren’t even required to review it (though we wouldn’t mind if you did!).

Yesterday on his blog Dave Black said:

8:00 AM I am so excited about what the Lord Jesus is doing in my local church. A revolution is taking place — a new revolution that has to take place if our church is to thrive and fulfill the Cause of Causes. And it’s not about the abolition of the clergy. It’s about the abolition of the laity. We are all sent on mission by the living Christ. My book The Jesus Paradigm studied this new revolution, this downward path of Jesus. I wish I could give away free copies to every believer. My goal in writing the book — and the goal of godly leadership — is to turn an audience into an army. Bethel Hill Baptist Church, possibly like your church, hasn’t needed renewal. It’s needed “newal.” When the world, and not the church, becomes the playing field, and when “the church” is no longer synonymous with “my pastor,” we are on the threshold of a wonderful future. Jesus accepts us but calls us to shape up. He is the ultimate Man of La Mancha. He looks at Aldonza the Harlot and renames her Dulcinea, My Lady. What grace! [Emphasis mine.]

So I emailed Dave and told him I couldn’t afford to give a free copy to every believer, but how about giving away five. He thought that was a great idea, and so do I (it was mine, after all), so here goes.

Comment on this post and say you’d like one. If you already have one, consider commenting and telling us to send it to someone else that you think could use a copy.

Next Friday, if there are more than five requests, I will randomly select five comments, email the writers for a name and physical address, and send out the books. That’s a week and one day. If there are less than five requests (but how could that be?) I’ll extend the deadline.

If you’re a blogger, consider publicizing this offer so more people have a chance to get a copy of this great book.

And now for an infomercial moment … I just decided to add one more thing.

Along with each copy of The Jesus Paradigm I’m going to send a copy of Dave’s newest book, Will You Join the Cause of Global Missions?

How about it?

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