Bob LaRochelle Radio Interview

Pastor Bob LaRochelle, author of Part-Time Pastor, Full-Time Church  (Pilgrim Press, Cleveland, 2010) and of the forthcoming book Crossing the Street (Energion Publications, May 2012), was interviewed yesterday on WSDK 1550 radio. You can listen to the complete interview via this link. The first half is about his current book, which will be of special value to many bi-vocational pastors. The second half (approximately) deals with the forthcoming Energion title.

In addition, Bob will be offering a WEBINAR and an ONLINE course on issues related to pastors and churches involved in PART TIME MINISTRY. The WEBINAR will be AUGUST 16. The course begins AUGUST 25.

For more information go to www.progressiverenewal.org and then to ONLINE LEARNING for more information.

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