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Surviving A Son’s Suicide: A Needed Book

SSS CoverEnergion Publications’ editor, Jody Neufeld, offers this about Ronald Higdon’s new book, Surviving A Son’s Suicide, on her blog, Jody Along the Path:

I have recently read a book, Surviving A Son’s Suicide by Ronald Higdon. I read it, not as a survivor, but as someone who often receives a call from a friend or family member who is struggling in their grief. I worked for hospice for 12 years and I have a history in grief journeys for my mother, father and my son. People believe I will be sympathetic and listen. I try to validate their trust in me. And so I was looking for a real book that would guide me to support those who have an added difficulty in their grief journey, suicide. Certainly the recent suicide of Robin Williams proves how ignorant some people can be in their comments to grieving family members.

Ronald Higdon is available for workshops based on his book and may be contacted through Energion Publications (pubs@energion.com). The book is now on pre-order sale at EnergionDirect.com.

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