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From Jody’s Editor Desk at Energion

Pathways to prayer coverPathways to Prayer By Dr. David Moffett-Moore

[Part of the Topical Line Drives series, Retail price: $4.99]

We are born praying. It is as natural to pray as it is to breathe and as necessary. In prayer, we give as much as we know of ourselves to as much as we know of God. – David Moffett-Moore

I love the Topical Line Drives series. Short! And to the point!

What do you know about prayer? In less than 50 pages Dr Moffett-Moore will take you on a journey of discovery and encouragement about talking and listening to God. He shares personal insights as well as the example of Jesus’ prayer life, the patterns of prayer, how to pray continuously throughout the day and more. There is always more.

Building a prayer life is like building spiritual muscles. We must do it often but we do not have to do the same thing over and over. David shows us how to keep prayer personal and alive.

Whether you are new to the idea of prayer or wonder if there could be more to your relationship with God, this book will encourage and build your communication with God, our Father, Savior and Comforter.

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