Availability Delay: Why Four Gospels?

Due to several factors, Why Four Gospels? will not be available for purchase online today.  We have updated our various outlets to reflect release October 20, 2010.  We expect to begin making some shipments Monday, October 18, but it will probably not be until Wednesday, October 20, that the book becomes available for shipment from Amazon.com and other online retailers.  We apologize for this delay.

We do have something exciting coming up, however.  During his visit here in Pensacola the last weekend of September, Dave answered some questions regarding his books on video, and we will be posting these on YouTube and as audio on our podcast site starting Monday, October 18.  We’ll begin with a series of questions and answers regarding Why Four Gospels?.

The best way to watch for these is on the dedicated book site for this book, whyfourgospels.com (RSS).

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