On Shipping Why Four Gospels

Henry Neufeld with Why Four Gospels? about to be shiped!

Since I talked about how the release is done and mentioned that we would be shipping books today, let me provide photographic evidence, seen at the left.  We got our first order of books for our “office stock” and they almost all went immediately back in the mail headed out to reviewers and folks who pre-ordered the book.

While I’m at it, let me mention ordering through Energion Direct.  Other than for special offers, we sell books at our suggested retail price there.  Since online retailers discount the books, why should you buy at Energion Direct?  The answer is simple:  Shipping!  We don’t charge shipping and handling.  So the price is the price.

With many other retailers you’ll be paying $3 or more for shipping and handling, which would make our price the equivalent of $8.99.  So check out Why Four Gospels? on Energion Direct!

There are still review copies available and we’re very interested in generating discussion about this book.  Please e-mail us if you’d like a copy, or you can use our handy form at Energion.info.  You can request other forthcoming books as well.

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