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Energion Publications at the 2013 Academy of Parish Clergy Convention

Henry Neufeld, owner and publisher of Energion Publications, is currently at the 2013 Academy of Parish Clergy Annual Convention being held this year at the Canterbury Retreat Center in Oveido, near Orlando, Florida. He is joined there with APC members and Energion authors, David Moffett-Moore and William Powell Tuck. The theme of the conference is Preaching at the Intersections of Faith, Suffering and Hope with keynote speaker Dr. Thomas G. Long.

APC Convention 2013 book table 1Dr. Moffett-Moore is the President-elect of the APC and also the author of Wind and Whirlwind, the just released Volume II in the Conversations in Ministry series that has been produced in partnership with Energion. No surprise that a book on stress in ministry is very popular at this convention.

Dr. William Powell Tuck will be autographing and sharing three of his Energion published books, The Church Under the CrossThe Journey to the Undiscovered Country, and The Last Words from the Cross which is new for this Lenten season.

Dr. Kent Groff is also in attendance. He is the author of the first volume in the Conversation in Ministries series, Clergy Table Talk

Mr. Neufeld has been asked to share about submitting a manuscript and publishing a book during a Wednesday afternoon conference session. As an author or co-author of fourteen books himself, he will also share a few notes about writing.

The convention will continue until midday, Thursday February 21.

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