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Week 4: This week there are journeys to be taken! Pack your Bible and open your ears to hear and your heart to receive the teachings from God’s Word. While there is no shortcut to Bible study, it does not have to be boring or repetitive. Here are some curriculum options that are interesting, relevant, and will put some anticipation and expectation into your classroom!

Tuck Journey Sacred Journey Tuck Last Words

The Journey to the Undiscovered Country by William Powell Tuck. The theological term for “the last things” is eschatology. It is the Christian doctrine which is concerned with the final “things,” death, the second coming of Christ, the resurrection of the dead, the immortality of the soul, the final judgment, heaven and hell. Even though these themes are at the heart of the Christian faith, it is often difficult to voice with clarity what we mean by them.

The Sacred Journey by Christopher D. Surber. This is a collection of insights, thoughts, and personal experiences centered on the Beatitudes of Jesus. God has pursued, forgiven, and reconciled us unto Himself. Through the wrath which was poured out upon Jesus, mercy was poured out on us. Salvation is purely the work of God’s mercy and grace. We who have received Him have done so by faith when we have responded to the pull of God on our hearts. Grace rests upon us because God has loved us. What, in response to such a violent grace, should our reply to God be?

The Last Words from the Cross by William Powell Tuck. A study of these words gives us, His disciples, a deeper insight into Jesus’ thoughts through suffering, facing death, and what His death meant to Him as He met our need for salvation. Rev Tuck further says, “These words reveal his personal agony, his concern for others, his forgiving spirit, his physical suffering, his ultimate trust and faithfulness in the One he had proclaimed. Even in his moments of forsakenness he still resisted the temptation to turn away ultimately from God’s will or deny the One who led him to this shameful death as he identifies with sinners.”

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