The Character of Our Discontent – Release May 10

The Character of Our DiscontentThe release date for The Character of Our Discontent has been delayed from May 5 to May 10, 2010.  We apologize for the delay, but some difficulties in production mean that we cannot be actually shipping the book until that date.

All pre-orders will be shipped as soon as possible, and you may find the book available online prior to the release date.

Advance praise for The Character of Our Discontent:

Allan Bevere has a remarkable way of connecting the heart of the Old Testament to the experience of modern Christians. Combining the insight of a skilled interpreter with the perspective of a seasoned preacher, Bevere gives us sermons on Old Testament texts that engage us with their warmth of expression, winsome humor, unflinching realism, and poignant spirituality. This finely-crafted collection opens the Old Testament to those pondering its relevance for Christian faith and practice. It exemplifies how preaching from the Old Testament can shape hearts and lives. And it offers food for the journey to all who desire to walk faithfully with the untamable, unsettling, ever-gracious God who encounters us through its pages. This book is quite a feast!
Dr. L. Daniel Hawk,
Professor of Old Testament and Hebrew
Ashland Theological Seminary, Ashland, Ohio

This book is excellent for those afraid of the Old Testament.  The familiar characters of the Bible come to life in vivid detail inviting readers into the Biblical narrative.  Bevere’s work reminds Christians that the Old Testament contains Gospel truth.
Rev. Geoffrey Lentz
First United Methodist Church, Pensacola, Florida

I think increasingly that the whole trouble in the church today is that our idea of God is so tragically inadequate. We forget who God is, and this is partly due to our neglect to study the Old Testament Scriptures. Now that is exactly the opposite position taken by the early church. They found in the Old Testament the revelation of God and His ways. This is why I commend to you Allan Bevere’s latest book, The Character of Our Discontent. You will realize that the disuse of the Old Testament is a serious neglect that has far-reaching consequences. You will also be reminded that all the essential elements of the Gospel are present in the Old Testament revelation. Read Allan’s book and be drawn back into the depths of the heart of God!

David Alan Black
Professor of New Testament and Greek
Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary

A tantalizing invitation to further discussion and deeper commitment. Bevere feeds us choice morsels from the Bible Jesus used.

Alden Thompson
Professor of Biblical Studies
Walla Walla University

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