My Life Story by Becky Lynn Black

Book Extract: A Servant’s Heart

My Life Story by Becky Lynn BlackThis is from My Life Story, forthcoming (in just a few days) from Energion by Becky Lynn Black. It comes from page 83.

I have always thought of ministry as any act of service for another. I praise God that I have never limited ministry to professional or official positions. The joy of my relationship with God has bounded forth in service of any kind to any person or even any animal or plant. To me, the whole of my life has been ministry.

I praise God for giving me this perspective. I believe it is the biblical perspective of ministry. I do not serve a God that compartmentalizes ministry. There are no holy days and regular days; there are no holy songs and regular songs; there are no holy words and regular words; there are no holy relationships and regular relationships; there are no holy places and regular places.

All of life is holy because all of life is dedicated to the One who made life. I believe that this is the abundant life that Jesus promised to everyone who follows Him. It is a joy-filled life, even when it is difficult, even when it is stressful, even when it is strained. It is full of joy because God is present in such a life, and I praise Him that this is the life I have known. (emphasis mine)

One of the hazards of editing is getting distracted. I’m actually trying to push through my final check of this book as quickly as possible, but these paragraphs struck me and I wanted to share them.

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