The Energion Discussion Network continues to offer thoughtful analyses

We have more great posts to look forward to this week:

Today, Allan Bevere calls our attention to the role the interpreter plays in interpreting a text.

Tuesday, Bob LaRochelle asks us to consider serious study of denominations different from our own in order to broaden our own perspective and appreciate the differences.

Wednesday, Drew Smith says a consideration of other great religions can deepen our own faith and create understanding for others.

Thursday, Doris Murdoch takes us back to the Holy Land and shares impressions of visiting the Golden Gate, the eastern entrance to the Temple Mount, and its significance.

Friday, Chris Surber notes that our words only go so far. It is then that obedience must take over.

Then on Saturday, Bob Cornwall asks if an Open Table theology is consistent with baptism as the entrance to a relationship with Jesus. He just asks, and leaves it up to you to decide.

This is a full week of penetrating articles on issues that concern most Christians. This is what EDN is all about. You can further the impact these articles have by posting your own comments. Your insights are not only helpful but illuminating. Let’s hear from you this week!

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