From the Editors’ Desk: I’m Right and You’re Wrong & Vicar of Tent Town

It is an exciting time here at Energion Publications! We have two new books which have been put on the Pre-Order Sale. (Our customers love a bargain!)

9781631990991I’m Right and You’re Wrong: Why We Disagree About the Bible and What to Do About It by Steve Kindle is the newest contribution to the Topical Lines Drive series. Why do well-meaning, intelligent people disagree about the Bible? And if there is disagreement, could that be used to learn more? Must disagreements end fellowships?

Vicar of Tent Town coverVicar of Tent Town by Shauna Hyde is her third book with Energion. Shauna brings her experience in, not only ministering to the homeless, but becoming such a welcome part of their world, that she is known as “The Vicar of Tent Town.” You will read candid accounts and personal thoughts as she examines her assumptions and feelings. What outreach “helps” fill the needs of the poor and homeless? How do we welcome them into congregations and empower them to also serve? 

Check out these two books now and take advantage of the Pre-Order sale price! Remember, orders of $10 or more include free shipping and quantity discounts also apply!

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