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The Sale of the Series!

All of our series books are on sale! Yes, all! Buy two books (mix the titles or all the same book) and get a book free! The shipping within the United States for orders over $10 will be free! You could order 50 copies of a book for a church-wide study and 1/3 of them would be free!

9781938434129mAreopagus Critical Christian Issues: less than 80 pages on a given topic. This series is orthodox in doctrine but not bound to the doctrinal statements of any denomination.

Consider Christianity Series:  Christian apologetics. How do you understand and “give a reason for the Hope you have, with gentleness and respect”? (1 Peter 3:15-16)

In Changing Times CoverConversations in Ministry and Guides to Practical Ministry Series: Books written for pastors and church leaders by pastors and church leaders. Messages of practical support through the partnership of the Academy of Parish Clergy and Energion Publications.

Participatory Study SeriesExcellent small group studies from a diverse group of authors from the how-to-get-started Living and Learning Scripture to studies of Ecclesiastes, Philippians, Ephesians, Eschatology, Gospel of St. Luke, Hebrews, Revelation, and The Spirit’s Fruit.

hushbeck-kindle-social-Topical Line Drives Series: Our most popular and affordable series is a booklet of less than 44 pages which boils down a topic and often leads the reader digging for more! The topics are varied and interesting whether you are a teen or senior saint.

An opportunity to get a jump on your Fall curriculum! Shop! Save!

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