Will You Join the Cause of Global Missions?

There are many difficulties in operating a Christian publishing company in the current market, but there are also rewards. One of those rewards is the opportunity to publish books that I think can really make a difference in the Christian world.  Then we get back to the hard part—making sure that those who will benefit from these books hear about them and can acquire them.

Will You Join the Cause of Global Missiosn?We’ve had a number of queries over the last few days about Dave Black’s book Will You Join the Cause of Global Missions?. This is a book that might be skipped by a purely profit oriented business approach, but it’s an ideal title for a company that is also a ministry. It’s small and low cost, and we want to make sure it can be distributed as far and wide as possible.

You can find the book discounted pretty deeply online. I note that the Amazon marketplace best price is currently $2.47 (11/20/12), which is a pretty good price. It looks as though B&N’s marketplace has it for $2.39 (11/20/12). If you want one, or even half a dozen, go to one of these retailers, or to get free shipping, buy them from Energion Direct (note the quantity discount chart in the middle of the description).

But if you want to distribute these at your church or your school, e-mail me directly at pubs@energion.com, and tell me the quantity you need and the purpose, and I’ll work out what I can. Especially if the quantity is 50 or more, we can work out some very good prices.

Will You Join the Cause of Global Missions? is a commitment book. It’s not just written to inform you about missions, it’s written to get you to commit yourself to missions.

And now a word for those who look for theological disagreements. There’s something wonderful about this book. If you disagree with Dave about one mission activity or another, just make the commitment and do the mission activity you can agree with. Prayerfully discover what God is calling you to do. The only option to rule out is doing nothing.

If this little book will help get you and your church community active, I want you to have it. If you need to evaluate whether it will help or not, e-mail me and ask for an evaluation copy. Be sure to let me know in your e-mail what you’re evaluating the book for.

— Henry Neufeld

PS: Bruce Ashford posted a notice about the book recently. It’s short, but right on target.

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