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New Contracts! New Authors! Returning Authors!

Summer must be a time for writers to take their needed time and put “pen to paper” or “fingers to keyboard” and finish that book which has been swirling through their minds. I say that because this is when we receive most of our manuscripts for our consideration to publish. Our 2018 Book Release Calendar is filled through June!

William Powell “Bill” Tuck will release a 9th book with us! Which Voice Will You Follow?: Responding to the Christ-like Way is a voice from the author’s heart. “We need people who will talk to us plainly about life so that we can hear the message that God is seeking to say to us. Listen to the voice of God as God seeks to guide us.” – from the manuscript.

Nancy Petrey will release her 5th book with Energion Publications. Letting My Light Shine: Musical Memoirs will be a very personal and, yes, musical book.

New Energion author, John Weston, released his first book, Life in the Spirit, in August 2017 and he already has a second book ready, The Devil is in the Details. Bring out your Bible, notebook and pen and get ready to walk with Pastor Weston and learn from his unique perspective which combines the messages to Revelation’s churches with the Beatitudes for a life-transforming study.

Teacher, speaker and author, Stephen J. Hill joins Energion Publications’ authors in 2018. He has authored four books, traveled all over the world, and has taught at the Brownsville Revival School of Ministry, Mike Bickle’s Forerunner School of Ministry and F.I.R.E. School of Ministry. S.J. is going to share his passion through a book entitled What’s God Really Like?.

In her very first book, Linda Estes shared her heart through devotionals. Now those readers will get what they have already requested, a second volume of devotions, Going with the Flow: Navigating the Streams of Life.

Dr. Richard Voelz, Assistant Professor of Preaching and Worship at Union Presbyterian Seminary, and a new author with Energion Publications, brings all his gifts of exegesis and teaching to his new book, Tending the Tree of Life. He also brings a personal perspective and a desire to reach out to a hurting, grieving world.

We praise and thank God for bringing authors who are inspired to write and share what they have learned!

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