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From the Editor’s Desk: Hunger: Satisfying the Longing of your Soul

Do you ever think, “There must be more?” Even if your health is good, you may keep thinking it would be better if you just lost that 20 pounds. Even if you have a nice home, you really should replace the carpet. Even if you buy your children birthday presents, you would really like to shop for them and not have to think about how much something costs. There’s a place inside of you that is never satisfied. And you have tried so many ways and yet, the feelings are still there. Maybe it’s because we try to satisfy that – hunger – for something more with the wrong stuff!

Hunger coverFor the past few months I’ve been working on a book, Hunger: Satisfying the Longing of your Soul by Dr. Jon L. Dybdahl. This is the second edition of this book and the first edition was not available to us in an electronic file, so I have transcribed the original book. And then I have read over it twice in order to catch my typos! And I have loved reading it those three times because I have learned something new and pulled out my Bible to study every time.

Human hunger for God is intense and universal. Even if suppressed or denied, it cries out silently from the depths. Such hunger is not a wish to know about God, but rather a quest to encounter Him. People want to touch, experience, and feel the divine – not just discover facets about God. (excerpt from the book)

This book is on pre-order right now at EnergionDirect.com for only $9.09. If you bought one for you and one for your best friend or parent or child, you would also get free shipping. I hope that your spiritual health and desire to feed that “hunger” you have is worth that to you. You will not be disappointed.

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