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Sunday Evening with Dr. Dave Black

Energion Publications staff

Chumuckla Community Church

For me, Sunday evening was the highlight of the weekend with Dr. David Alan Black.  It was here that I saw this passionate missionary come into contact with a group of people who ‘got it’ and, yet, also learned further lessons as they serve in God’s Kingdom.

Chumuckla Community Church is a small church in a small town in rural Florida.   It is named well as the members have a heart for their community.  They want to reach out and connect with the physical and the spiritual needs of the area.

Dr. Black came and challenged the group to step beyond what they think they can do and be a part of what God can do!  His slides brought his exhortation into reality and his stories touched our hearts, connecting people who are literally thousands of miles apart.

I look forward to the “what’s next?” in God’s plan!

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