“Good Reads” this week on the Energion Discussion Network

Today Bruce Epperly shares with us his joys of being a grandparent, and how important this role is, not just for the grandchildren, but for grandparents, as well. If you are one, or probably will be one someday, you’ll appreciate his insights.

Tuesday, Elgin Hushbeck looks at how stereotyping can become a breach of the Golden Rule. He admits his own predilection for prejudgment and helps us see our own.

Wednesday, Bill Tuck wonders if the many Christian denominations will ever find a way to unite. He urges us to pray for unity, but not at any cost.

Thursday finds David Moffett-Moore in the hospital far from home and reflects on knowing why he is there while not heeding his own advice. Sound familiar?

Friday Herold Weiss offers us a fresh reading of the Book of Job as what happens when we try to figure God out. We inevitably create something less than God and more like ourselves. (Bring your lunch for this one.)

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