Book Release: House Calls With Jesus: Stories of Redemptive Love

Book Cover FrontHouse Calls with Jesus: Stories of Redemptive Love
is a new book from Energion Publications that will stir your spirit as you accompany this prayerful, caring doctor on home rounds in the 21st century.

If you are a medical professional, you may find a path of combining your faith with your profession.
If you are a pastor or laity doing Christian ministry, you will certainly find examples, encouragement, and hope in these pages.
And if you are someone going through an illness or caring for someone who has a life-threatening illness, you also will find hope, encouragment, compassion and practical notes to help you in your own unique journey.

Dr. Jude Lee is a physician who is called by God to serve those whose access to health care is limited and who need the hope of Jesus in the midst of their suffering. She writes under this pseudonym in order to protect her patients and families while still sharing how much God loves them.

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