Just Released: Ebook Editions of From Inspiration to Understanding

From Inspiration to Understanding is Dr. Edward W. H. Vick’s comprehensive and extremely valuable volume discussing the inspiration and authority of the Bible and how the way we understand that impacts the way we interpret and apply scripture.

It’s 370 page print edition is $24.99 suggested retail (you can get it with free shipping from Energion Direct), but now you can also get it in various electronic formats. It has just been released for Kindle, Google Play, and iBooks, and will appear on at least two more stores soon.

The ebook has a suggested retail price of $9.99, but as I’m writing this I note that Google Play has it for $7.99.

We are working quickly to get all our books available in electronic formats, especially our older books, which in some cases were produced with older technology that makes the conversion a bit more difficult. You can get links to these electronic formats on Energion Direct by looking at the “eBook Editions” tab on each book’s catalog page (see image below).


Current ebook editions are:

Google Play

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