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JUNE PROMO: ALL Fiction Books are 30% Off!

June 2013 Fiction Promo Book CollageEnergion Publications announces a special “Enjoy A Book in the Sun” promotion of 30% off all our fiction and poetry books and FREE U.S. shipping! If you are spending time on the beach, on a lake, or on the front porch of cabin in the mountains this summer, take along a great story (or two or three!) by our authors. A few of these selections are available on Kindle, iBooks, and Nook.

Lee BakerOur resident poet, Lee is a perfect match for whatever setting you find yourself in this summer. His poetry will add that imagination dimension to your relaxation. You will find yourself picking up his volume of poetry, noise flash, again and again.

Kimberly GordonThe most prolific of our fiction writers, Kimberly will paint a picture of a time that you may think was easier and simpler. Her characters are real and relevant to our time and our own questions and events. Join Kimberly in the mountains of Pennsylvania in Allegheny Hideaway, the Rocky Mountains of Colorado in Prayer Trilogy, or the prairies of Iowa in Please Love Me.

Heath TawsThe privileged life of Joshua Hawkins will take you from his life-changing encounter in an alley to a dimension that is terrifyingly real as Joshua learns what a life and death decision really is. Will he survive? Heath takes you on Joshua’s page-turning journey in The Traveler’s Advance.

Daniel MartinWaking up on a beach after another lost night in alcohol, Sam McBride finds himself with a second chance opportunity, but it won’t be simple or easy. There are many characters in this story that may connect with you in your own life. Daniel will introduce you to real and imperfect people who must make choices to put their faith in God or in themselves. You will also meet angels and demons. Do you believe in them? You may want to answer that after reading Covenant.

Nick MayOnly someone who has grown up in what is known as the Bible Belt could write such a story with insight, humor, self-deprecation and reflection of what was in the Belt and what is now in the Belt. Nick offers no message, moral proclamation or agenda. What he does give is highlights of the truths of the Bible Belt culture and therefore he also performs a complete overhaul of its patrons’ thoughts and lifestyles for better or for worse in Megabelt.

Henry NeufeldWriter, publisher and teacher, Henry finds the writing of fiction relaxing but he can’t help sneaking in a lesson to be considered in his stories. Modern day parables of real life settings, dilemmas and events can give the reader some thoughts to ponder in Stories of the Way. Henry then crosses into another dimension in Tales from Jevlir: Oddballs, ten short stories that will weave the tapestry of this fantasy world.

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