New Book: It’s in the Toolbox

9781938434716mOne of our great joys at Energion Publications is the way interactions between our authors will generate exciting new ideas. It’s in the Toolbox resulted from one of those connections between people who might not have met—except through their books.

Last March we published a small study guide It’s in the Bag by Kimberly Gordon (also author of Energion fiction titles Prayer Trilogy, Allegheny Hideaway, and Please Love Me, all of which are on sale during the month of June). It’s in the Bag takes the likely contents of your purse and brings spiritual lessons from what’s found there. But it’s largely a book for the ladies. Guys can read it, of course. I did. But how many guys want to discuss spiritual lessons from lipstick?

greg_maySo what we needed was an ordinary guy who loves Jesus, along with a similar idea aimed at the men of the church. Enter Greg May. Late last year we published his first book, Crewed Awakening, which provides a year of practical, down-to-earth devotions. Greg knows how to bring spiritual lessons out of the events of daily life.

And where do you look for the raw material for these lessons? Well, the toolbox! Where else?

Greg May got to work and soon we had the manuscript for this new study. Check it out and consider pre-ordering now. We’re offering a 30% discount until the first book ships, and that’s better even than our quantity discount for any number less than 50. Get your fall curriculum order in now!

This title will be released by the end of June, 2013.

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