Fall $7 Sale

Get Ready for Fall $7 Sale!

Sunday School Classes, Small Groups:

Looking for a user-friendly study guide for your Sunday School class or small group???

The Participatory Study Series is what it says. Bible study should include study with fellow Believers but also the sharing of testimonies and the sharing in the lives of the people we study.

Learning and Living Scripture: An Introduction to the Participatory Study Method $7.00
Geoffrey D. Lentz and Henry E. Neufeld
The Gospel According to St. Luke: A Participatory Study Guide $7.00
Geoffrey D. Lentz
Revelation: A Participatory Study Guide $7.00
Henry E. Neufeld
To the Hebrews: A Participatory Study Guide $7.00
Henry E. Neufeld

New members class?

Disciples: Jesus With Us $7.00
Riley Richardson with Henry E. Neufeld
Identifying your Gifts and Serivce: Small Group Edition $7.00
Henry E. Neufeld

These books are excellent study guides for new Believers and new church members to grow deep roots that will grow into maturity.

Special interest group?

Grief: Finding the Candle of Light $7.00
Jody Neufeld, RN and Janet Wilkie, LCSW

Most fellowships have a need to reach out to those who have experienced the loss of a loved one. Here is a book for Christians that addresses the hard questions while drawing the participant closer to the One who has the answers.

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