Happy New Year: Learning to Forget

From Holidays, Holy Days, and Special Days by William Powell Tuck:

Forgetting really is a gift that comes to us from God. To be able to forget one’s achievements or failures and to rise up with a new sense of direction and purpose in one’s life is marvelous good news. Within a lifetime, we can bring into our life an awful lot of mental junk, spiritual refuse, which needs to be rooted out and washed from our lives. There are then some things that we need to forget as we come into this New Year. (p. 3)

What do I need to leave behind at this time of transition?

13 My friends, I do not claim to have hold of it yet. What I do say is this: forgetting what is behind and straining towards what lies ahead, 14 I press towards the finishing line, to win the heavenly prize to which God has called me in Christ Jesus. (Philippians 3:13-14)1

1 The Revised English Bible. (1996). (Php 3:13–14). Cambridge; New York; Melbourne; Madrid; Cape Town; Singapore; São Paulo; Delhi; Dubai; Tokyo: Cambridge University Press.

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