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25th Annual Consider Christianity Week

Energion author Elgin Hushbeck, Jr. and his wife Hannah sponsor an annual Consider Christianity Week. You can read the details on his web site. Briefly, Consider Christianity Week is a time to study our faith, to work toward Christian unity, and to learn to share—and share—our faith. This year, it is March 18-24. Elgin is the author of a number of books about Christian faith, including Evidence for the Bible (and study guide), Christianity and Secularism (and study guide), and Christianity: The Basics (from our Topical Line Drives series).

In celebration of this week Energion Publications will be putting quite a number of books on sale, publishing a number of blog posts from various Christian viewpoints, and sponsoring a blogswarm (of sorts) for that week. (Our first post, from David Alan Black, is on the Energion Discussion Network now.) If you plan to publish a post on Christianity that fits with the celebration between March 18 and March 24, please let us know. We’d like to link to your post. This is not just for Energion authors. Especially useful are posts about your own experience with Christianity.

If you are an Energion author, and you would like your book mentioned especially, send us a note to include with it. Your book may be on sale already, but we will certainly put it on sale if we have a note from you!

We will make regular announcements here about our activities, and will be happy to help publicize your activities as well. Anything that is in the spirit of Consider Christianity Week is welcome.

Here in the Pensacola area, Consider Christianity Week will be celebrated with a teaching weekend at Chumuckla Community Church in northern Santa Rosa County, March 16-18. Elgin Hushbeck will be the guest teacher/speaker, and we will have other activities as well. Watch here for more news on this event.

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